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Forms, Cards and brochures

We can design and print brochures tri fold or half fold on a variety of papers.

To print:
We laser jet print {black and white} for 10 cents a page. For color pages less than 25% of the page .75 per page and for 26%-50% the cost is 1.00 per page. For greater than 50% the cost is 1.50 per page.
Paper weights:
20 wt (standard piece of copy paper)
67 wt {Add 0.15 cents}
110 wt (index) {Add 0.20 cents}
Glossy {Add 0.20 cents}
Legal paper {Add 0.20 cents}

To fold the brochures:
Tri fold in (0.35 cents )
Tri fold out (0.39 cents )
Legal folds (0.45 cents)
Half fold (0.35 cents )
With staples (0.10 cents)

Business cards
Designed with Professional My Business Cards software or Avery {I have both}

Design the card: $24.95
Cards are Office Depot Premium Selection or Avery clean-break business cards High quality, heavyweight stock for crisp text and brilliant color. You may have a two sided card for additional $7.95.
They come 10 cards per sheet
$1.25 per page for each page of cards (no extra for two sided). Additional styles may be ordered for $10.95 using the similar information.

Starter package:
Includes: Custom designed standard size business card with three kinds of cards
four pages each design.
You will receive 120 cards.
Total value of 39.95 for the price of $34.95
For two sided cards: $38.95.

{Sample math for 50 order forms black and white in a pad}

Develop the form =25.95
50 order forms @ .10 per page = 5.00
Padding the forms = 5.95
Total cost $41.90

{Sample math for 50 order forms glossy 25% color}
Develop the form = 25.95
Order forms @ .75 per page = 37.50
Using glossy paper @ .20 per page = 10.00
Padding the forms = 5.95
Total cost $79.40

{Sample math for 50 brochures glossy black and white}

No extra charge for white paper
50 brochures @ .10 per page = 5.00
using glossy paper @ .20 per page =10.00
folding tri fold in =17.50
Total cost $32.50

{Sample math for 50 brochures glossy 25% color}

50 brochures @ .75 per page = 37.50
Using glossy paper @ .20 per page = 10.00
Folding tri fold in = 17.50
Total cost $65.00

fax 702-458-1776 or email

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